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KRIEGHOFF 20 BORE 1928 SUHL MADE BEST GRADE O/U - 99% ENGRAVING w/ GAME SCENES - 30" VENT RIB BARRELS - 100% ORIGINAL 1928 FINISH - DYAS Co. LOS ANGELES IMPORT - Outstanding Engraving w/ 5 Game Scenes - 300 Series Action with Double Bite - Nice Stuff Here

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Over and Under 20 Bore $8,450.00

#10838, A Krieghoff 20 Bore Suhl Made 1928 Boxlock Best Grade Over & Under Game Gun with 30" Vent Rib barrels Imported to the U. S. by "B. H. Dyas Co. Los Angeles", Built on their Best 300 series action body with double underlugs with double bite, A single extension Kersten hidden cross bolt, The 30" Extractor Krupp steel barrels at .627 .013 & .017" (Mod. & Imp.Mod), 2 3/4" chambers, A neat Vent Rib with round posts, 3 piece forend with a horn tip, Bolstered frame, Scalloped action, Intercepting safety sears, Double triggers, Pistol grip stock at 13 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 2 3/8" over a thin horn buttplate, We installed a 1" pad without any alteration to the wood so the horn buttplate can go back on at any time, It is 14 1/4" LOP with the 1" pad installed, Neutral stock for the right or left hand, 6 lbs. 4 oz. with the horn buttplate & 6 lbs. 5 oz. with the pad, 99% coverage of extremely nice pre-war Suhl engraving with 5 game scenes of birds and dogs with the balance in neat floral engraving, "B. H. Dyas Co. Los Angeles" in Gold inlaid on the top barrel, It has 2 retainer screws which secure key screws, This piece remains totally 1928 original from muzzle to butt, The original barrel blue remains at 88-90%, The original stock finish is at 85% with typical handling marks, The checkering is at 88-90%, The bores are excellent to near excellent plus. This is a doggone solid, tight, clean and well-made classic 1928 Krieghoff over & under game gun. Compare this Suhl made Sempert & Krieghoff to a current gun for the same price and Suhl in 1928 looks like a pretty strong value to me. Most current guns depth is a backyard wading pool; this Krieghoff's depth is the ocean. The difference in liking a gun or loving a gun is in the details. This piece has all the solidity and majestic fit of closing a Bentley door.

The B. (Bernal) H. Dyas Department store was located on the corner of Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood, California. A 1921 history of Los Angeles recites that his sporting goods company, B. H. Dyas Company, was the largest west of Chicago. In 1919 he purchased Los Angeles’s largest department store, Ville de Paris, at Seventh and Olive Streets and it became the home of the B. H. Dyas Company with 21,000 square feet of floor space. The main store, referred to as a “sportsman’s paradise” included a rifle range, handball court, log cabins, mounted game animals and an aquarium of rainbow trout. The address also appears elsewhere as 426 West Seventh Street. It was often mentioned as “The Most Interesting Store in California”.

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