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HIGH STANDARD 22 MAGNUM DERRINGER - MODEL DM-101 OVER & UNDER HAMMERLESS DOUBLE ACTION POCKET ROCKET - 3 1/2" BARRELS - 11 OUNCES - All Blued Finish - Overall Original Finish at 90% - Both Bores as New

Style: Caliber: Price:
Handguns 22 Magnum $395.00

#2310776, High Standard 22 Magnum Rimfire Over & Under Hammerless Double Action Derringer Model DM-101, Made in Hamden, Connecticut in 1971, 3 1/2" barrels with an extractor, Half trigger guard, All blued finish, Black plastic grips, This little pocket rocket weighs 11 ounces, Overall original finish at 90%, Both bores as new. As one writer mentioned they were made for up close and personal social work. The writer said it was intended for use at bad breath distance while under stress.

Smokey The Bear says; Only you can return fire

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