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BOSWELL 577 2 3/4" BLACK POWDER EXPRESS - UNDERLEVER REBOUNDING HAMMERS - SOLD in 1912 - 27" STEEL BARRELS WITH a DOLLS HEAD EXTENSION - London Proved - 70% Engraving Coverage - 10 Lbs. 11 Oz. - 14 5/8" LOP - Very Good Bores - All Loading Information Available

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 577 2 3/4" BPE $13,500.00

#16977, Charles Boswell, Maker, 126 Strand, London W. C. : A Very Solid Charles Boswell 577 2 3/4" Black Powder Express with a Jones Action Underlever Back-Action with Rebounding Hammers that was Sold in 1912, This gun most likely made earlier but in accordance to Boswell's records it was sold in 1912, It is with 27" steel barrels with a dolls head extension, London proved; Full length rib with 1 standing & 2 folding express sights that are platinum lined & sighted at 100, 200 & 300 yards, Rebounding locks, Percussion style fences, Lever release forend, Full length trigger guard tang to a steel engraved grip cap, Shadowline cheekpiece, Sling eyes, 14 5/8" LOP over a 1" pad, 10 lbs. 11 oz., 70% coverage of well-cut period scroll engraving including the hammers, top strap, lever, trigger guard, forend and grip cap, Heavily stippled on the receiver top, 10% original case colors, The barrels reblacked with near perfect striking, The buttstock & forend refinished but both remain very solid and ready for extended shooting, The bores are very good plus to near excellent with square rifling from throat to muzzle, It is cased in a vintage trunk case with a Boswell label but not the correct address. The case is in fair condition only. All loading information will go with the gun as it is field proven by an astute rifleman and it is very accurate.

Mr. Charles Boswell came to 126 Strand in the West End of London and set up shop above Starkie's Chemist Shop in June of 1883. In both 1906 & 1907 he was elected Chairman of the Gunmakers Association. His oldest son, Osborne George Boswell took over the business in 1914 and Charles Boswell died in 1924. The firm was known for his specialty of building live pigeon guns. The firm moved to South Molton Street in 1921 and then to Mill Street in 1931, at that address it had the extreme unfortunate fate with a bomb on April 17, 1941. It was believed the records were destroyed at that time but later surfaced, in all places, in Cape Haze, Florida. The Charles Boswell gun lives on and now are offered here is the U. S. by my friend Mr. Chris Batha at

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