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SPRINGER, JOHANN - 450 3 1/4" BPE in INCREDIBLE 94% CONDITION - 1894 for the MAHARAJA of DHOLPUR - BORES ABSOLUTELY as NEW - Toplever & Hammerless - 25 3/8" Damascus Barrels - 95% Original Vivid Case Colors - 85% Engraving Coverage - 8 Lbs. 8 Oz. - 14 1/2" LOP - Very Nice - SOLD

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 450 3 1/4" BPE $12,500.00

#8449, Joh. Springer, Erben In Wien: A superb 450 3 1/4" BPE Hammerless Toplever Boxlock Extractor Made for the HH Rana Nihal Singh the Maharaja of Dholpur in 1892 and delivered in 1894, 25 3/8" dovetail extractor damascus barrels with bores like the day it was delivered in 1894, Rib extension crossbolt, 1 standing & 1 folding rear sights, Intercepting safety sears, Double triggers with the front articulated, Steel trigger guard tang to the grip cap, No sling eyes, Very nice piece of wood, Steel engraved grip cap, Anson forend release, 14 1/2" lop over the original 1" Silvers pad, 8 lbs. 8 oz., 85% coverage of very nice period scroll, 95% original & vivid case colors remain, 90% original browning on the barrels, The original wood finish remains at 95%, The original checkering at 98%, The bores are literally brand new, The inside of the forend has 100% case colors, The wood is as stout as it was 123 years ago. This friend is one incredible double rifle that remains in unbelievable and incredible condition in a cartridge you can find all kinds of ammo and it is fun to shoot. It has a Gold escutcheon on the stock line with a crown and the very distinct initials 'NS' (Nihal Singh). His Highness ordered 3 Springer's in 1892; #8449 (This gun), #8450 a .400 & #8451 a 360 2 1/4" bpe and we have that gun as well. SOLD

Rana Nihal Singh was born in 1863 and ascended to the throne at the mere age of 11 years in 1873. He assisted the British during the Tirah expedition in 1882, becoming one of the first Indian rulers to secure a commission and to serve in person in a Royal regiment. A near thirty-year reign saw advances in almost every field of government endeavor. He modernized the administration, organized public works, restored monuments, built hospitals, dispensaries and tanks, and created an extensive road and rail network. At his death in 1901, Dholpur possessed one of the most modern infrastructures of any princely state. He was a very popular ruler. He passed on at the young age of 38 years, hence this might explain the superb condition of both the 450 & 360 double rifles we have. They were only in his possession for 7 short years.                                                         

Johann Springer's history goes back to the 1830's with the firm of Nowotny. In 1857 Johann Springer bought the business and was an engraver when he came to Vienna. The sons Rudolf and Gustav Springer trained as part of their education in Birmingham and took over the company later; it became "Johann Springer's Erben" in 1888. They received many awards thru the years because of their innovation and high quality work. In 1963 Margaret Springer took over the company after the death of her father and ran it successfully for 45 years. On 1 April 2008 Christian Johann Springer took over the company of his mother Margaret Weixelbraun. The company has four locations in Vienna and to this day operates as a high quality house. They can be found at:

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