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BARRELS for LANG 577/500 BPE - #7145 - "LOOKING FOR a HOME" - 1886 DAMASCUS BARRELS THAT BELONGED to THIS JOSEPH LANG - Found in Colorado in the 1940's - For a Toplever Lang - Excellent Bores - Or Show Me a Period Large Frame Anson & Deeley Action & They Might Work

Style: Caliber: Price:
Double Rifle 577/500 BPE $1,600.00

#7145, Joseph Lang & Son, 22 Cockspur Street, London: A pre-1890 set of Joseph Lang Damascus Barrels in 577/500 BPE with Excellent Bores and with the forend that needs to find its parent, I have record that the gun/barrels were made in 1886; Or if you have a toplever large frame Anson & Deeley period double rifle we have the capabilities in our shop for our Gunmaker, J.J. Perodeau, to fit them to another gun if every lug, breech width, breech depth, receiver flats and dolls head is close to the specifications on these barrels. These barrels are far and away too good to be used as a jack handle or whatever. We know the gun was in the U.S.A. as they were found in a Colorado hunting lodge/cabin that was being torn down in the 1940's and the barrels surfaced again in the 1960's and now have come to market today. It could have been a 2 barrel set or whatever but they were left in this hunting cabin so hopefully they can come home to the family that they belong to. This set of barrels reminds me of Brook Benton's "The Boll Weevil Song"; searching for a home, looking for a home and gotta have a home. We'll see!

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