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BRNO 8 x 57JS (.323") MADE in 1948 - MODEL 22F - THEIR NEAT SMALL RING MAUSER ACTION - FULL LENGTH MANNLICHER STOCK - EXCELLENT CONDITION - 20 1/2" barrel - Original Finish - Excellent Plus Bore - Double Set Triggers - Period Redfield 4X Bear Cub Scope - Overall a 95% Gun

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 8 x 57JS $1,650.00

#20707, Brno 8 x 57JS, Model 22F, Made in 1948 in Czechoslovakia on their great Small Ring Mauser Action, 20 1/2" barrel with a full length Mannlicher style stock, Factory 1 standing & 1 folding rear sight, Barrel band sling swivel, Butter knife bolt handle, Double set triggers, Bolt sleeve safety on the left side of the sleeve, Detachable floorplate but not hinged, Matted receiver ring, Redfield 1 piece scope base with early post-war 1" Redfield rings, A period 4X Redfield Bear Cub scope, Sling swivels with a period leather sling, European style cheekpiece, 14 3/4" LOP over a 1" pad, 7 lbs. 12 oz. with the Redfield scope, The original blue remains at 96%, The stock with original finish remains at 95%, The checkering at 100%. The bore remains in excellent plus condition. These early post-war Czech Mausers were the best systems offered during this time period. The 8 x 57S handles the true .323" diameter bullets and Hornady, RWS, Norma and Sellier & Bellot offer ammo for this very efficient cartridge. You can buy a current bolt rifle for less money but when you compare quality it will not win any contests or even get in the race. The difference in liking a gun or loving a gun is in the details.

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