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DAKOTA 338 WINCHESTER MAGNUM HUNTER GRADE with a BLACK COMPOSITE STOCK - 24" BARREL WITHOUT OPEN SIGHTS - OVERALL a 98% PLUS PIECE - The Bore is as New - 13 5/8" LOP - 7 Lbs. 14 Oz. - Blind Magazine - Attractive Price

Style: Caliber: Price:
Bolt Rifle 338 Win. Mag. $2,495.00

#H0243, Dakota Arms 338 Winchester Magnum in Hunter Grade, 24" barrel without open sights, Factory Leupold bases and 30mm rings, Standard Model 70 type 3 position wing safety, Blind magazine without any bottom floorplate, Satin blue finish, Composite black stock most likely by H-S Precision, Double screw sling eyes on the stock, No cheekpiece, 13 5/8" lop over a 7/8" factory pad with their logo, 7 lbs. 14 oz., All of the blue remains at 99% plus, The stock is at 99%, The bore is new. Here is a quality American made piece with the excellent and functional Dakota Model 70/Mauser type action at a very attractive price.

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