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PIOTTI 20 BORE MODEL MONACO 2 BEST GUN - 27" CHOPPER LUMP BARRELS w/ BRILEY CHOKES - 1983 - OVERALL REMAINS at 98% - NEAR EXHIBITION WOOD - ONLY 5 Lbs. 13 Oz. - Great Engraving with Excellent Style & Execution - Double Triggers - Splinter - Straight Hand at 14 3/8" LOP - Nice Stuff

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 20 Bore $23,900.00

#7897, Fratelli Piotti, Italy: A 20 Bore Best & Highest-Grade Monaco 2 Bar Action Sidelock Ejector Game Gun Built on a True 20 Bore Frame, Finished in 1983, 27” Chopper Lump barrels at .623 .010 - .013 - .015 - .018 & .024" Briley chokes (Skt.II - Mod. - Tight Mod. - Imp. Mod. & Full), 2 3/4" chambers, KG 1,080 weight barrels, Flat matted top rib, Double triggers with the front articulated, Bushed strikers, Rolled trigger guard edge for the right hand, Splinter forend with an Anson frontal release, Straight hand stock at 14 3/8 x 1 7/16 x 2 3/8” over a 3/4" pad and will go 14 9/16" with a 1" pad installed, Neutral stock, Gold crest on the forearm, Great 20 Bore weight at 5 lbs. 13 oz., A lot of 28 Bore Sidelocks weight this much, 90% coverage of gorgeous Monaco 2 rose, floral & very fine scroll engraving with a neat floral & vine border by Mr. G. Zacchi on a coin finished frame, Deep relief work at the action breech, G. Zacchi engraved some very high-end Perazzi guns as well, Carved fences and nicely carved frame, A superb piece of European Walnut that would almost go as Exhibition with excellent color & contrast of deep brown & black, The barrels with a pronounced chime, The whole is cased in the maker’s leather trunk with a trade label, This superb 20 Bore Game Gun has 98-99% original barrel blue, The coin finished frame remains at 99%, The original stock finish remains at 97% with very light handling marks, The checkering is at 99%, The bores as new, It remains as tight as the day it left the capable hands of all the Piotti craftsmen. Here is a Classic game gun, with the proper size action body with the correct weight, for 20 Bore gunning by one of the leading gunmaking firms in the world. This piece will remain a treasure forever.

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