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BOSS SxS 1931 - A BEST GUN from the BEST ERA by a BEST MAKER - SUPERB ORIGINAL & CORRECT GOLDEN ERA GAME GUN - 85% ORIGINAL CASE COLORS - DELUXE WOOD - 12 BORE - Original 2 3/4" - Original Imp.Cyl. & Mod. - Straight Hand at 14 9/16" - 6 Lbs. Even - Single Trigger - Outstanding Piece - Original Case

Style: Caliber: Price:
Shotgun Side by Side 12 Bore $55,000.00

#7904, Boss & Co., 41 Albemarle Street. Piccadilly. London. W.: A 1931 - 12 Bore Sidelock Ejector That Remains Totally Original and Correct Plus it Remains in Superb Condition. This Outstanding piece was made for Mr. Jas. T. McMillan from Detroit, Michigan and ordered January 19, 1931. He was the second President of Packard Motor Co. It was ordered exactly as follows; 26" Chopper Lump barrels at the correct and original bore size and original chokes at .730 .008 & .019 (Imp.Cyl. & Mod.), Original 2 3/4" chambers, London proved at 1 1/4 ounce with 2 3/4" chambers, Bushed strikers, The famous John Robertson Boss patent single non-selective trigger, Splinter forend, Straight hand stock at 14 9/16 x 1 3/8 x 2 1/8" over a checkered butt, Very slight cast-off for the right hand, Rolled trigger guard edge for the right hand, Dead-up 6 lbs. even, 95% coverage of very fine rose & scroll engraving by Mr. Jack G. Sumner, The barrel striking is perfect, It retains 98% barrel blue, It retains 85% bright & vivid original case colors, Deluxe wood with outstanding color & contrast with deep black & brown color, The original oil finish remains at 92% with light handling marks only, The trigger guard & tang retain 90% original blue, The screw heads remain at 99%, The whole is cased in the original maker's leather trunk with the correct & proper trade labels, Boss marked snap caps & oil bottle, All cleaning gear, Original spare strikers in their leather pouch, The case is in the same condition as the gun with a full protective cover. This piece comes from the Golden Era of Best English guns with most of the Robertson family influence still in place. It was crafted with their full staff of Gunmakers as it is one of 112 sporting pieces built in 1931. In 1934 they laid off 7 Gunmakers and about 50 guns were made, the great depression was taking a toll. Here is the embodiment of 1931 Best Quality, original condition, correct bore size & chokes, 2 3/4", great weight, deluxe wood, Boss single trigger and it comes to the hand with ease, style and grace. A true Best Gun from a Best Gunmaker made in the Best years for the modern game gun. This is special stuff here.

There is Pre-WW II Best Guns and then there are the very few exceptional guns. This gun absolutely goes to class with the very few.  One guns depth is a backyard wading pool, other guns depth is the ocean. Several years ago, Lee Iacocca would say about his Chrysler cars "If you can find a better car, buy it". If you can find a better SxS Pre-WW II game gun, buy it.

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