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SMITH & WESSON 22 LONG RIFLE - PRE-17 MODEL K-22 MASTERPIECE - HONEST at 85-86% ORIGINAL CONDITION - MADE in 1948 - 6" PINNED & RIBBED BARREL - Original Piece - Adjustable Rear Sight - All Serial Numbers Match - Barrel Blue 85% - Frame & Cylinder 85% - The Bore is Excellent Plus - Very Honest Piece

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Handguns 22 Long Rifle $875.00

#K 25758, Smith & Wesson 22 Long Rifle Model K-22 Masterpiece Pre-Model 17, Made in 1948, 6" pinned barrel with a rib, Micrometer adjustable rear sight, Ramped blade front sight, Serrated top strap & rib, Short cocking action, Anti Backlash trigger with a high speed hammer, Case hardened trigger and hammer, K frame, Serial numbers match on the cylinder and barrel, Checkered diamond magna grips with the S&W medallions, Ribbed grip front and back, This piece remains original, The original satin barrel blue remains at 85%, The frame and cylinder blue at 85%, The grips remain at 90%, The bore is excellent plus. This very Model gun was referred to as The Post-War K-22 3rd Model. These were well made and well finished by S&W in the late 1940's to the late 1950's. They were offered from 1946 to 1957 and then became the Model 17.

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